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Today April 4th MWM released the 3 track deep dubstep EP ‘Minutes to live’ by producer ‘Myxed Up‘. Previously released on MILC, we’re proud to release him on MWM. His sound could be described as Deep. Minimal, Dark, Low, Fragile and Impressive. If you’re a serious deephead you better check this out!


1: Frequency VIP

2: Minutes to live

3: Stuck in my head

The release is available now on all relevant online stores (junodownload, I-tunes, e.o.) and Spotify. Also available on the MWM bandcamp for 1.50!  (all bc-funds are used to realize possible future vinyl releases, so you can consider your money well spend! 😉


The catalog# ‘MWMEP001’ indicates the start of a new era for MWM. We’ve been around since 2008, released 77 EP’s, 3 vinyl’s and introduced some of the world’s finest today like 12gauge, Lifecycle, Robokop, Dubbacle, Le Lion, Affe Maria, Tim Ismag and many more. 2015 was our year of ‘overthinking’ our year of ‘where are we going?’ The result is a clear course, a fresh new house-style. Some very interesting add-ons to our artist roster and MWM team. And loads of good music coming your way!  Join us on the adventure providing you with the best possible underground sounds out there! One love…











We’ve got some 12″ vinyl’s waiting to be played all over the world! the ‘Blame it on the Dutch EP’ with Gomes, Gritt and Dion Cassius. The ‘Fire EP’ with Robokop. Distrikt, Sinister Souls and Tim Ismag. And the ‘We move at midnight EP’ with Robokop and SPL.

All 3 releases are mastered and cut by Sam John at Precise Mastering in the UK, giving them that big and warm sound we all love about vinyl.

Now we’re offering you a grazy 4 euro per record. Prices are excluding shipping. please refer to our bandcamp-page for shipping-costs.

At the moment we’re working on a next expensive Vinyl-release, so consider your money a well spend investment! Stay tuned for further information! hint: All the deepheadz will love this one! 😉

Checkout those 12″ on our Bandcamp and thank you for your support!

One love…


MWM’s proud to present, our 2nd 12” vinyl release.

After the succesfull 1st 12” ‘Fire’ by Robokop & Distrikt, it’s Robokop again on this 2nd vinyl with his track ‘We move at midnight’. Another epic dubstep track featuring the voice of Julia.

Things are going fast for Robokop. Played at every populair stage in the Netherlands like Mosh, Subway and more, did shows in the USA, France and it’s not stopping! Internationally respected by several big DJ’s like: DJ3, Nicon, P-Era ,Prajekt, Sinister Souls, Ras Kwame (BBC 1Xtra), Stereoloque, Devnik, Distrikt, Dubheadz, Downlink, Tim Ismag, Document one. Adroa, Cyberoptix, Dublime, Kaizoku, Chronos, Razvanel D, Modestep, Point Blank, Roksonix, Mark Instincts, Figure, Agent Zero, Quartus Saul, F3tch, Ajapai and more, growing a huge fanbase, dropping epicness after epicness, Robokop is on the move!!

For side B, we asked hero SPL to do a remix of ‘We move at midnight’ and he did….
Drumstep / DnB just as you would expect from SPL, massive, huge, tight production skills and a enormous honour for us at MWM.

For those who have to think more than a sec, here’s a description of SPL:

SPL aka Sam Pool has spent the last decade taking risks and breaking the mold in electronic music. SPL feeds the ears and souls of bassheads worldwide. From thousands of screaming fans in St. Petersburg and Kiev arenas, to massive club nights in Holland and New Zealand, to stateside venues such as the legendary Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado, SPL delivers with passion and musical prowess that goes beyond the current state of dance music.

So… mastered and cut at Precise mastering (UK) by maestro Sam, makes this another 12” disc you just don’t want to miss!!

MWM’s known to serve a wide audience with diversity in dubstep. From the most filthy releases, to the more chillout productions, as long as it fits the ‘bass’ scene, we deliver it! On oct 31, we’re celebrating our 40th release!

MWM-recordings presents : Slick ‘n Slack EP by Dutch producer: Scopes. It’s been a year since the album release ‘Abstract Thoughts’ and now he’s back with 3 original Scopes Dubs!! To give this release the deserved attention, we decided to give away the track ‘Plastic Empire’ for free! Not on the EP! So grab it while available!!

Thanx to Richard at Squittybubbler for supporting us all the way!!

“Basically, no free track here! Yes, i know it is unheard of, but we really want to push this release for our good friend Marcel over at MWM-recordings and his 1st 12″ Vinyl release. His countless work in the field of Dubstep has led us to believe that his label will be pushing some of the darkest filth known to man. Check our post back in February on Robokop and Distrikt. Without further adue, we would like you to pop over to Triple Vision Record Store, now!!!

Get yourself a copy of Robokop & Distrikt – Fire EP which has been released today Monday 5th SEPTEMBER 2011. You can play it to that bully at school that pushes you over, maybe he will take a liking to you once he knows you have the beast of the mist within your boom box, maybe he’ll punch you in the head. We don’t really know, we just want you to enjoy some filthy filth. Let us know what you think if you do decide to get yourself a copy.

Welcome Ladies & gentleman!!! Next Monday september 5th the 1st MWM-12″ WAX by Robokop & Distrikt will be available! 12″ 45 RPM Mayhem called ‘Fire’ With stunning remixes by Sinister Souls and Tim Ismag. Mastered by Sam at Precise mastering (UK) and distributed by Triple Vision (NL) Available at: Triple Vision, Junorecords and Chemical.

On the 4th of july, we’re dropping the release ‘Shaman’s mask’ by UK based producer P-era. Two deeper dubstep tracks, laid back bassline’s, easy flowing, steady going…

Checkout the preview by clicking the cover-art.

Serving the audience with the most diverse bass-music producer’s, we believe P-era is a interesting player in the ever growing dubstep community.

Booya!!! Checkout 12Gauge on with their Buckshot EP, released on may 9th. Big up for Richard and other Squitty-crew-members for supporting us!! Click on the pict to read the article.

Out Now!! Stereologue ‘Eyes on me’ EP on Beatport, Junodownload, Digital-tunes e.o. check m out!

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