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Tanner Pennington, AKA Dalek One debuts on MWM with featured artists to provide this hefty collection of the most weighty and textural tracks around with emphasis on space and weight the tracks tick all the boxes.

Dalek Ones signature sound features strange samples and reverberant percussive elements which form give a sense of being stranded in the darkness, making you second guess your sanity.

The percussion rolls throughout provide rhythms for the skank, emphasised by a sinister underlying sub that acts as the foundation to these absolutely insane productions.

Not only are we getting the best from Dalek One but also remixes featuring some of our favourite artists including Hebbe as well as Ceiva, Rewest Ego, Ether, Khanum and last but not least, Le Lion.

Each producer took a creative approach to make the stems their own by introducing their flavours to the mix however the one thing that remains consistent though is the heavy subs and intricately produced atmospheres that form the sound we all love.

Available now on the MWM Bandcamp page
Checkout the full EP minimix here




Rewest Ego or Leon van Dijk (The Netherlands) has been part of the MWM-crew since day one. His sound could be described as a mixture of jazzy triphop, dubstep, ambient and breakbeat.

This time it’s all about 110 bpm smooth jazz vibes. You can download this track for free! exclusively through MWM Recordings.





Ez Folks,

Leon van Dijk aka Rewest Ego may be considered to be one of the most loyal MWM fam members. Exclusive and well‐considered, he compiles his releases as an ‘start to end’ listening album. Breakbeat, Dubstep or EDM, Rewest Ego delivers it all. Produced with care, Mastered with care in‐house at studio MWM, the beating heart of the ever growing collection.

The 7 next is a follow up of the in February 2012 released ‘the 7 soulsessions’ EP. It brings the listeners a mixture of Dub, Triphop, maybe even some Trap influence’s, floating in a thick saus of space… for the true deep‐dubstep warrior there’s ‘Zanzi’ the 3rd track on the EP, Funky breakbeat and the use of Salvador Dali samples, funkes you through the night, while the last track ‘Cidleton’ a collab with dutch ambient‐master ‘Digi‐Crimy’, is the perfect way to stop this ‘hour of relaxation, while dancing your shoe’s of’ moment….. 7 next for the masses! well done Rewest Ego!

This 7 track album is available on your Downloadstore starting monday august 17th. Meanwhile you can checkout two full previews on our soundcloudpage using the links below.

Zanzi & Salvador Dali, two of my personal favorite’s!

Salvador Dali


Rewest Ego on Facebook

Show some looooove!

Out now! Dubclub DJ’s 3rd MWM release” Glitchy Underwear EP.

Dutch duo Dubclub DJ’s are breaking boundaries between punk & Dubstep. Guitar solo’s,  punkish Vocals and steppish beatwork makes Glitchy Underwear. Together with a Rewest Ego remix, a Dubstrumental non-vocal version, and the track Robot Girl, this 4 tracker is one of a kind…

Available on your favorite downloadstore.


Dubclub DJ's - Glitchy Artwork



We at MWM wish everybody a happy, great, positive, huge, inspirational, and exciting new year. Welcome to 2012, the year we’re all talking about! Glad to be a part of it!!! 🙂 WE start the new year with he first of 12 Free 4 track EP’s called ‘The Goodybag series’ containing tracks by Stereologue, Distrikt, Kaizoku, and mr Whacka, downloadable at full quality WAV format.

We release a free 4-track EP every month in 2012, so stay tuned on facebook etc.

Last point of interest for all the North-Holland residents: We’re doing a massive MWM-party at Vespro loods in Groningen at the “Rocket ride to grunn city” festival on Friday the 13th!! 🙂 So, be there!! 7 acts: Robokop, Distrikt, Stereologue, Kaizoku, Affe Maria, Rewest Ego, Dubclub DJ’s.

Time: 22:00 – ????

entrance: FREE !!!

Stay tuned!!!

Thank you for your support! Keeps us motivated bringing you some of the most interesting Dubs out there!! Please select the cover-art to download the EP.

In 2010 MWM released the EP ‘Strangers’ by dutch producer BOS. Experimental dubs, Button-freak, Dark & Edgy, We like to call him ‘Dutch Noise Maestro’… We asked 4 MWM producers to come up with a remix of ‘Stranger’ by BOS, and they did! Today MWM releases the 5 track Stranger Remix EP, featuring remixes by: Dubheadz, Anomic Syndrome, Rewest Ego, and Roshi Ai! Check it out!

MWM-Recordings presents: Dutchstep.
A well balanced collection of dubstep, experimental dub, 2step and experimental sounds, by artists forthcoming on, or already released at MWM-Recordings, makes this a ‘party hardy’ hour of quality music, straight from the Lowlands.


1 Robokop-Rock the beat ‘amazing track to start off with, lots of energy and vibes galore’

2 BOS-Afraid of the dark ‘Sinister sounds from BOS kicks in great’

3 Distrikt-Breathe life ‘Breathe life is a smasher, lots of really good elements, luv it!!!

4 Affe Maria-Ich du und ehr ‘track is dubalicous then get ill beyond belief, really sick tune’

5 Dubheadz-Kongcrete ‘Massive industrial soundwall killertrack!!’

6 Scopes-Forest Ballroom ‘scopes tune is very melodic and beautifull crafted, can really chill out to it’

7 Digital Criminal-Ambient space ‘There’s only one digital criminal…’

8 LNM-Swømb ‘track is dark and atmospheric, almost Techno..’

9 Bowcon-Wandering lost ‘yeah baby, typical Bowcon-style dubz!’

10 Anomic Syndrome-Dubtube ‘dubtube got the dub skank vibez and glitches that i crave so much for’

11 Rewest ego-Astronaut ‘funky 2step-feel weirdness!’

Releasedate: 01-juli-2010 online at all download-stores! Checkout the preview on Soundcloud! (click cover)

Thanx! and respect!

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