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Maes artwork [MWMF01]

Maes is a Producer, Vinylist and DJ hailing from Manchester, UK., driven and inspired by Soundsystem Culture’s over all the spectrum’s.

Loyal team member at Albion Collective, part of the Kiroku Family, The DeepSound crew from Sweden and also the Åbysmal Ẹntities Årchivẹ.

You can download his deep, bass heavy, skanking track “Hood Young VIP” for free, exclusively through MWM Recordings.

Keep an eye out for more to come from Maes on MWM in the future.

Maes on Facebook




Today April 4th MWM released the 3 track deep dubstep EP ‘Minutes to live’ by producer ‘Myxed Up‘. Previously released on MILC, we’re proud to release him on MWM. His sound could be described as Deep. Minimal, Dark, Low, Fragile and Impressive. If you’re a serious deephead you better check this out!


1: Frequency VIP

2: Minutes to live

3: Stuck in my head

The release is available now on all relevant online stores (junodownload, I-tunes, e.o.) and Spotify. Also available on the MWM bandcamp for 1.50!  (all bc-funds are used to realize possible future vinyl releases, so you can consider your money well spend! 😉


The catalog# ‘MWMEP001’ indicates the start of a new era for MWM. We’ve been around since 2008, released 77 EP’s, 3 vinyl’s and introduced some of the world’s finest today like 12gauge, Lifecycle, Robokop, Dubbacle, Le Lion, Affe Maria, Tim Ismag and many more. 2015 was our year of ‘overthinking’ our year of ‘where are we going?’ The result is a clear course, a fresh new house-style. Some very interesting add-ons to our artist roster and MWM team. And loads of good music coming your way!  Join us on the adventure providing you with the best possible underground sounds out there! One love…










MAW - most of us - art

EZ all,

On monday september 1st, MWM releases two tracks in the deep dubstep spectrum by label-boss M.A.W. (his initials) looking at the artwork above most sherlock’s will sort out what the ‘M’ and ‘W’ stand for. the ‘A’ stay’s a mysterie……..

Most of us brings us a chill jazzy vibe. An easy yet fierce subbass, a funky groove and some medieval strange indian soundscapes accompanied by the classic Rhodes playing that jazzy chord….

Everything goes even deeper. Some interesting vocal samples stating that ‘Everbody was raised to believe that the word universe means everything’ before the beat drops. Deepness all-over……. Personally I think it’s the 2nd drop that makes you smile.

Nowadays the kids are talking about ‘minimal deepstep’ I myself want to refer to ‘Dubstep’ as it once was… beat + bass around 140 bpm.  Enjoy the tunes, available on all good digital stores starting monday september 1st.

If you want to be included on the MWM mailinglist, let us know here and you’ll receive promo’s of forthcoming MWM material way ahead of releasedate’s.

One love…..


Most of Us on Junodownload

Most of Us on Soundcloud [preview]


Ez Folks,

Leon van Dijk aka Rewest Ego may be considered to be one of the most loyal MWM fam members. Exclusive and well‐considered, he compiles his releases as an ‘start to end’ listening album. Breakbeat, Dubstep or EDM, Rewest Ego delivers it all. Produced with care, Mastered with care in‐house at studio MWM, the beating heart of the ever growing collection.

The 7 next is a follow up of the in February 2012 released ‘the 7 soulsessions’ EP. It brings the listeners a mixture of Dub, Triphop, maybe even some Trap influence’s, floating in a thick saus of space… for the true deep‐dubstep warrior there’s ‘Zanzi’ the 3rd track on the EP, Funky breakbeat and the use of Salvador Dali samples, funkes you through the night, while the last track ‘Cidleton’ a collab with dutch ambient‐master ‘Digi‐Crimy’, is the perfect way to stop this ‘hour of relaxation, while dancing your shoe’s of’ moment….. 7 next for the masses! well done Rewest Ego!

This 7 track album is available on your Downloadstore starting monday august 17th. Meanwhile you can checkout two full previews on our soundcloudpage using the links below.

Zanzi & Salvador Dali, two of my personal favorite’s!

Salvador Dali


Rewest Ego on Facebook

Show some looooove!

ez Fam….


Just a quick heads-up so you know what’s going on at MWM.

– We started the year with the MWM-debut release of Dubstep Rotterdam founder Frenk Dublin, Eerie Forest (MWM070) Deep Dubstep vibes on this one. Including a dirty remix by yours truly, M A W. (please check it out on one of your favorite downloadstore’s).

– 2nd release his year was the Djazzling EP (MWM071) by me, including remixes by Gritt, Dubbacle, Rewest Ego & De Directie. Jazzy 2step garage dubstep grooves.

– Currently we’re working on forthcoming releases by: Waeck (UK) Orbotics (NL) & Karimooo (NL) So keep your ears open for things to come.

– We’re still running 2 radioshows on internet-stations & Blame it on the Dutch ( every other sundayevening 20:00 – 22:00 GMT. MWM-recordings showcase hosted by M A W ( every fridaynight 22:00 – 00:00 GMT

– Backstage we’re planning a labelnight somewhere this year, so stay tuned! We don’t do a lot of live-events, but when we do…. 😉


Shout out to all of you supporting us for the last 5 years. blogs, DJ’s, radiostations, labels, friends & fam.. Onelove.





We at MWM wanna wish everybody a great new year’s eve, and a even greater 2014! May the positive forces be with you!!

We collected 14 tracks  from the ever growing MWM-catalog and combined them into a 47′ mixtape for your ear-pleasure. Varying from the more aggressive tracks, to the deeper stuff on the label. artist such as: Gomes, Gritt, Benskir, Altazer, Korostyle, FJH and much more. We want to thank everybody for their support in the last 5 years. Keep your ears open for things to come! Now checkout that mixtape and download it if you like it.

Happy new year!





Ladies & Gentleman,

Today MWM released the 4 track EP ‘Double or nothing’ by dutch duo ‘Benskir’ 3 Dancefloor banging originals, and 1 remix by UK based ‘Standard Procedure’. Checkout the promomix on our soundcloudpage. To celebrate this release, we’re giving away a remix of one of the tracks by Boeboe !! bringing us the Trap-vibes on the track ‘Relapse’ by Benskir. You can download it here.

Checkout Benskir on Facebook:

Released today!

Dutch Duo ‘Anomic Syndrome’ 4 track EP ‘Shankar’s Monk’.

Checkout the 2nd track on the EP by selecting the artwork.

Slowly building into a ‘DnB with a twist’ bouncer. Broken beats, steady groove’s, experimental flow..

Being a underground label at 1st place, MWM keeps on pushing talented producer’s of all kinds of Bassmusic. Sounds you might not find in the Beatport top 100, but interesting enough to checkout every minute of it.. You might even like it….. 🙂

Checkout Anomic Syndrome:

Anomic Syndrome - Shankar's Monk EP Cover

Today, januari 28th MWM released the 3 track EP ‘Black Scimitar’ by producers KOROstyle & Waeck hailing from the UK. 2 impressive dubsteptracks of wich the 2nd track ‘Rogue District’ has been remixed by Dutch producer/DJ Robokop. 3 must have basstracks to rumble the dancefloors around the globe. On the 1st track ‘Slow reflection’ this duo brings you deep metallic bass vibez, followed by the more agressive track ‘Rogue District’ wich contains some serious bassline programming as we like it! This same track has been remixed by Robokop into a skanking party vibe that will make ‘m jump! Go and check the release on your favorite downloadstore, available starting today.






Perfecta & Save the Rave joined forces on this banger!! Pill U is a Dubstep-Dancefloortrack, that will shake your teeth, and make you move. Insane remixes by Hollands finest’s Sinister Souls and Robokop, USA based AaA, and UK based Static Function, makes this a release you just need in your collection. Check it out on Soundcloud and show some loooooove. 😉




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