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To all of you, a happy new Era…

We at MWM wish everybody a great year with lot’s of positive vibes coming your way. We just go on releasing some of the most interesting tracks out there, to keep you informed ’bout what’s going on in the underground bass music world.  Stay tuned and find out with us this coming 1st year of a new Era…

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Dutch producer Krakkemikkig delivers his first MWM release, and boy…It’s insane…… Bassline’s just the way we like them! 2 Krakkemikkig originals ‘That kind of bassline’ and ‘Space invaders’ that will shake the dancefloor and make your teeth rumble in your mouth!! Remixes by MWM’s Stereologue and Kaizoku, make this EP a ‘must have’ for your Bass-collection!

Out now on your favorite downloadstore.

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