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Robokop TE artez Folks,


It’s been a while. We’ve been keeping things on a low profile lately when it comes to releases. Watching things changing, seeing genres appearing, others dying… at least some say….. With that in mind, our release-policy has become more strict.. instead of releasing 2 each month, we brought it back to 2, maybe 4 each year. a big difference. So now it’s finally time for another release!

and it’s a big one! Back in 2010 we released the Rise Again EP by dutch lad Robokop. With several releases on diff labels worldwide things went fast. Playing at gigs in the USA, France, Germany, Netherlands e.o. Robokop managed to build up a strong fanbase from dubsteplovers around the world. Robokop appeared on 2 12″ Vinyl releases on MWM (Fire EP ((collab with Distrikt, remixes by Sinister Souls and Tim Ismag) and We move at midnight ((remixed by SPL on the flipside). His last MWM release (Therapy EP) contains a remix by P0gman so you could say things are going great for Robo!

So here we are again, 5 years later, closing down a period. The Robokop period, celebrating 5 years of Epic Releases and Bonecrushing bassline’s. We present to you the last Robokop EP ‘The End’

4 bassdriven dancefloorsmasher’s, melodic and powerfull orchestral theme’s, Epicness all-over! featuring Karimooo, MC Tjek, Benskir and Breek. and 1 bonustrack showing Robokop’s scoring skill’s. Orchestral, oriental vibes. Ideal DJ tools to create a mysterious breakdown…..


Play EP minimix






Dearly beloved,

Just a heads up of things to come on MWM. We got some louder forthcoming stuff again for the party-people this summer…. (if it’s still coming) .

* On june 10th we present ‘Peace of Meat’ from Groningen, The Netherlands. Allready reviewed in the 1st dutch edition of DJ Mag, Peace of Meat brings us 6 tracks of Dubstep/Filth/Core. You can download the promotrack ‘Proff Chaos’ Here.

* Shortly after that we got the Dutch Masked Man ‘Karimoo‘ dropping his 1st release ever! Incl a remix by dutch duo ‘Benskir’.  About time this guy drops his tracks in the world.

* Besides the Karimoo remix, Benskir dropping a 2 track EP on MWM to. So lot’s of stuff to look out for!

A Huuuge shout out to all of you, who have been supporting us for the last 5 years, bringing us were we are today! One Love!!!!

Stay tuned for further info, releasedate’s, free promotracks, etc. every friday on Fokus FM (22:00 – 00:00 GMT)

MWM team.


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