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Dearly beloved,

Just a heads up of things to come on MWM. We got some louder forthcoming stuff again for the party-people this summer…. (if it’s still coming) .

* On june 10th we present ‘Peace of Meat’ from Groningen, The Netherlands. Allready reviewed in the 1st dutch edition of DJ Mag, Peace of Meat brings us 6 tracks of Dubstep/Filth/Core. You can download the promotrack ‘Proff Chaos’ Here.

* Shortly after that we got the Dutch Masked Man ‘Karimoo‘ dropping his 1st release ever! Incl a remix by dutch duo ‘Benskir’.  About time this guy drops his tracks in the world.

* Besides the Karimoo remix, Benskir dropping a 2 track EP on MWM to. So lot’s of stuff to look out for!

A Huuuge shout out to all of you, who have been supporting us for the last 5 years, bringing us were we are today! One Love!!!!

Stay tuned for further info, releasedate’s, free promotracks, etc. every friday on Fokus FM (22:00 – 00:00 GMT)

MWM team.



OUT NOW! The new hardcore dubstep album by BOS. If your into Aphex Twin and stuff like that, checkout this one!!

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