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MWMEP007 art

It’s been 5 years since his track ‘Enyalius’ was released on the MWM compilation ‘Nxtgn EP’. Since then a lot has happened, releasing tunes on respected label’s as Subquake, Blacklight, Duploc, The Pack, e.o. Travelling around the globe playing party’s for a growing group of fan’s, Evolving his sound and style, alway’s that ‘triplets, metallic wobble’s, typical Lion percussion sounds’ that made him who he is as an artist today.

We are proud to present The ‘Mermaids EP’ contains 3 Le Lion original’s, backed by a remix of the title track ‘Mermaids’ by OldGold himself. Le Lion, mostly known by his ‘High energetic tracks and appearance’ easily fits into the deeper spectrum of the Dubstep world, although keeping his signature sound as we know it; raw, edgy, funky, percy, original, Big!

The EP is available now through our Bandcamp page, followed by the digital stores on december 18th.

(you can download the ‘OldGold Vocal Version Remix‘ of the track ‘Mermaids’ for free via our Bandcamp page)



Today MWM released the online edition of the 1st ‘Blame it on the Dutch’ compilation EP, released on orange 12” vinyl last year. The name ‘Blame it on the Dutch’ comes from the MWM-recording’s radioshow on USA based webradiostation,, running for 3 years now. With this new serie, MWM intents to create an impressive collection of dutch bassmusic producer’s on 12”  vinyl, to last forever!

For the kick-off, MWM brought together 3 dutch bosses; Gomes, Dion Cassius and Gritt, who need no further introduction. If you don’t know any of these guys, google it up!

Gomes brings us a slow rolling and bouncing groove on ‘Prevail’.

Gritt provides in impressive heavy weightbassline’s on ‘Sophos’

Dion Cassius put’s soul into the beats with his track‘Who the Hell’

Mastered by Sam John at Precise mastering (UK) the Bass specialist when it comes to  ‘a proper cut on vinyl’ and pressed on orange vinyl, MWM bring’s us a dutch product you don’t want to miss!! Still some vinyl copies available at


For those who choose for digital, Go grab that EP from your favorite DL-store, and support this 3 dutch hero’s.











MWMV03 online artwork

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