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Nocturnum art

Dylan Redden, A.K.A. Nocturnum debuts on MWM Recordings with this fine 2 tracker!

Being his 1st official release, we are honored he picked MWM to showcase his work to the world.

Nocturnum gets his inspiration from artist’s like Truth, Skream, Joker, J:kenzo, Sleeper, and Biome, helping his sound to fit perfectly in the deep dubstep scene.

After the Bandcamp release some weeks ago, it’s available now on the major downloadstores.

Available on Junodownload 

Checkout Nocturnum on Facebook

Checkout Nocturnum on Soundcloud






Rewest Ego or Leon van Dijk (The Netherlands) has been part of the MWM-crew since day one. His sound could be described as a mixture of jazzy triphop, dubstep, ambient and breakbeat.

This time it’s all about 110 bpm smooth jazz vibes. You can download this track for free! exclusively through MWM Recordings.





Today April 4th MWM released the 3 track deep dubstep EP ‘Minutes to live’ by producer ‘Myxed Up‘. Previously released on MILC, we’re proud to release him on MWM. His sound could be described as Deep. Minimal, Dark, Low, Fragile and Impressive. If you’re a serious deephead you better check this out!


1: Frequency VIP

2: Minutes to live

3: Stuck in my head

The release is available now on all relevant online stores (junodownload, I-tunes, e.o.) and Spotify. Also available on the MWM bandcamp for 1.50!  (all bc-funds are used to realize possible future vinyl releases, so you can consider your money well spend! 😉


The catalog# ‘MWMEP001’ indicates the start of a new era for MWM. We’ve been around since 2008, released 77 EP’s, 3 vinyl’s and introduced some of the world’s finest today like 12gauge, Lifecycle, Robokop, Dubbacle, Le Lion, Affe Maria, Tim Ismag and many more. 2015 was our year of ‘overthinking’ our year of ‘where are we going?’ The result is a clear course, a fresh new house-style. Some very interesting add-ons to our artist roster and MWM team. And loads of good music coming your way!  Join us on the adventure providing you with the best possible underground sounds out there! One love…










We at MWM wanna wish everybody a great new year’s eve, and a even greater 2014! May the positive forces be with you!!

We collected 14 tracks  from the ever growing MWM-catalog and combined them into a 47′ mixtape for your ear-pleasure. Varying from the more aggressive tracks, to the deeper stuff on the label. artist such as: Gomes, Gritt, Benskir, Altazer, Korostyle, FJH and much more. We want to thank everybody for their support in the last 5 years. Keep your ears open for things to come! Now checkout that mixtape and download it if you like it.

Happy new year!



Released today!

Dutch Duo ‘Anomic Syndrome’ 4 track EP ‘Shankar’s Monk’.

Checkout the 2nd track on the EP by selecting the artwork.

Slowly building into a ‘DnB with a twist’ bouncer. Broken beats, steady groove’s, experimental flow..

Being a underground label at 1st place, MWM keeps on pushing talented producer’s of all kinds of Bassmusic. Sounds you might not find in the Beatport top 100, but interesting enough to checkout every minute of it.. You might even like it….. 🙂

Checkout Anomic Syndrome:

Anomic Syndrome - Shankar's Monk EP Cover

There we go! Released today, Monday dec 17th, The 3 track EP ‘Tonight’ by dutch producer/DJ Duo ‘Dubclub DJ’s’

DJ’s Svendex & Mike E (Dubclub DJ’s) been teamed up since 1995, playing Dubstep, Breaks, Glitch and all that subs the woofer all over the world. As a producer’s duo they come up with their own tracks gaining massive support by DJ’s across the globe. After their 1st MWM release ‘Meltdown’, their back with a brand new EP: ‘Tonight’. On ‘Tonight’ you’ll find 3 tracks. 2 originals and 1 remix by dutch producer ‘Stereologue’
Checkout the promo by clicking the artwork:
MWM060 artwork


On september 24th, MWM releases the Nxtgn EP (Nextgeneration) containing 4 tracks by upcoming producer’s: Dubbacle, Høsky, VGB and Le Lion. Expect deeper dubs on this one.  Checkout the promo on our soundcloud-page.

1: Dubbacle – Arrhytmia  {Facebook}

2: Høsky – Rimshot  {Facebook}

3: VGB – Armageddon {Facebook}

4: Le Lion – Anyalius  {Facebook}


Show some looooooove. ❤



Hello All….


After a calm period called ‘summer’ we’re back with a exciting new release season! Starting off with UK based producer ‘Bowcon’

MWM Veteran ‘Bowcon’ delivers his 3th release: Rudeboy shuffle. 2steppish, atmospheric, chill, groovy…. If your into Burial, Breakage and stuff like that, check out this one. 6 originals, 1 collab with dutch producer ‘Rewest Ego’ and 1 remix by the same producer. Releasedate: September 10th on all major downloadstore’s!

Track 01 preview



For those interested..

We uploaded a 2 hr Dubstep-set, mixed by MWM resident ‘Dubheadz’. Mix contains MWM tracks only. Download if you like it. 2 hrs of I-pod fun!


1: Vidual-Darkpalace
2: mr. Vandal-Let’s do this
3: 12gauge-Bad girls
4: 12gauge-ms.Dynamite What u talking about remix
5: Lifecycle (NL)-cpt. Bassline
6: Stereologue-Eyes on me
7: Affe Maria-Leda
8: Tim Ismag-Extra
9: Kaizoku-Guitar Hero
10: Robokop-Rise Again
11: mr. Whacka-Rest&Relaxation
12: Distrikt-Autodestruct
13: Real Mad-Brenda’s desk
14: Undroid-Noble
15: Krakkemikkig-That kind of bassline
16: Static Function-Perfecta & Save the Rave Pill U remix
17: BOS-Pawel
18: Dubheadz-Flowrider
19: NTA-Belladonna
20: Niburu-Hyperhexagon
21: Rewest Ego-Anaestetic
22: Bowcon-Peacefull Violence
23: P-era -Shadowtrail
24: Scopes-Slick&Slack
25: FJH-34 and stupid
26: Dubclub DJ’s-Meltdown
27: Real Mad-Holland
28: Robokop&Distrikt-Fire
29: Stereologue-Disappear
30: Le Lion-Round 1
31: Hosky-It must begin
32: Krakkemikkig-Space invaders
33: Tim Ismag-Iron man
34: Lifecycle (NL)-Exodus Express
35: Dubheadz-Koncrete

During July & August we’re taking it easy at MWM… celebrating some deserved time-off… To come back in September with more excellent releases! Meanwhile we continue broadcasting our shows on & so stay tuned for that! Bookings is also open during the summer, you can contact us on for labelnights. Thank you so far, enjoy our tunes, grab a freebee on our soundcloud and spread the word!! Have a nice summer!! ❤


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