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Dearly beloved,

Just a heads up of things to come on MWM. We got some louder forthcoming stuff again for the party-people this summer…. (if it’s still coming) .

* On june 10th we present ‘Peace of Meat’ from Groningen, The Netherlands. Allready reviewed in the 1st dutch edition of DJ Mag, Peace of Meat brings us 6 tracks of Dubstep/Filth/Core. You can download the promotrack ‘Proff Chaos’ Here.

* Shortly after that we got the Dutch Masked Man ‘Karimoo‘ dropping his 1st release ever! Incl a remix by dutch duo ‘Benskir’.  About time this guy drops his tracks in the world.

* Besides the Karimoo remix, Benskir dropping a 2 track EP on MWM to. So lot’s of stuff to look out for!

A Huuuge shout out to all of you, who have been supporting us for the last 5 years, bringing us were we are today! One Love!!!!

Stay tuned for further info, releasedate’s, free promotracks, etc. every friday on Fokus FM (22:00 – 00:00 GMT)

MWM team.



Released today!

Dutch Duo ‘Anomic Syndrome’ 4 track EP ‘Shankar’s Monk’.

Checkout the 2nd track on the EP by selecting the artwork.

Slowly building into a ‘DnB with a twist’ bouncer. Broken beats, steady groove’s, experimental flow..

Being a underground label at 1st place, MWM keeps on pushing talented producer’s of all kinds of Bassmusic. Sounds you might not find in the Beatport top 100, but interesting enough to checkout every minute of it.. You might even like it….. 🙂

Checkout Anomic Syndrome:

Anomic Syndrome - Shankar's Monk EP Cover

During July & August we’re taking it easy at MWM… celebrating some deserved time-off… To come back in September with more excellent releases! Meanwhile we continue broadcasting our shows on & so stay tuned for that! Bookings is also open during the summer, you can contact us on for labelnights. Thank you so far, enjoy our tunes, grab a freebee on our soundcloud and spread the word!! Have a nice summer!! ❤


Next monday, April 16th, MWM present’s Vidual and his wicked 2 track single ‘Dark Palace’. Expect heavy, yet groovy bassline’s that will make your teeth shake!! The titletrack brings us dancefloor rumble, while track 2 cool’s down the audience with dark dubstep vibes…. close your eyes and enjoy Vidual…

MWM presents No Rules. This talented producer delivers a wicked 2 track release on MWM. Dark, heavy, wide, spaciouss, and funky drum n bass, that will make you move!! To celebrate this release, we decided to give away he track ‘History of the tower of babylon’ by No Rules for free @ Soundcloud. So checkout the link below.


Thank you for your support!


Out Now!! The MWM-debut by Electromass (UK). Jimmy Thomas brings us 4 massive DnB tracks on this 4 tracker. Funky vibes, wicked beats, and Electromass special bassline’s … it’s all there!!! Show some looooooove!!!!

We at MWM wish everybody a happy, great, positive, huge, inspirational, and exciting new year. Welcome to 2012, the year we’re all talking about! Glad to be a part of it!!! 🙂 WE start the new year with he first of 12 Free 4 track EP’s called ‘The Goodybag series’ containing tracks by Stereologue, Distrikt, Kaizoku, and mr Whacka, downloadable at full quality WAV format.

We release a free 4-track EP every month in 2012, so stay tuned on facebook etc.

Last point of interest for all the North-Holland residents: We’re doing a massive MWM-party at Vespro loods in Groningen at the “Rocket ride to grunn city” festival on Friday the 13th!! 🙂 So, be there!! 7 acts: Robokop, Distrikt, Stereologue, Kaizoku, Affe Maria, Rewest Ego, Dubclub DJ’s.

Time: 22:00 – ????

entrance: FREE !!!

Stay tuned!!!

Thank you for your support! Keeps us motivated bringing you some of the most interesting Dubs out there!! Please select the cover-art to download the EP.

MWM’s proud to present, our 2nd 12” vinyl release.

After the succesfull 1st 12” ‘Fire’ by Robokop & Distrikt, it’s Robokop again on this 2nd vinyl with his track ‘We move at midnight’. Another epic dubstep track featuring the voice of Julia.

Things are going fast for Robokop. Played at every populair stage in the Netherlands like Mosh, Subway and more, did shows in the USA, France and it’s not stopping! Internationally respected by several big DJ’s like: DJ3, Nicon, P-Era ,Prajekt, Sinister Souls, Ras Kwame (BBC 1Xtra), Stereoloque, Devnik, Distrikt, Dubheadz, Downlink, Tim Ismag, Document one. Adroa, Cyberoptix, Dublime, Kaizoku, Chronos, Razvanel D, Modestep, Point Blank, Roksonix, Mark Instincts, Figure, Agent Zero, Quartus Saul, F3tch, Ajapai and more, growing a huge fanbase, dropping epicness after epicness, Robokop is on the move!!

For side B, we asked hero SPL to do a remix of ‘We move at midnight’ and he did….
Drumstep / DnB just as you would expect from SPL, massive, huge, tight production skills and a enormous honour for us at MWM.

For those who have to think more than a sec, here’s a description of SPL:

SPL aka Sam Pool has spent the last decade taking risks and breaking the mold in electronic music. SPL feeds the ears and souls of bassheads worldwide. From thousands of screaming fans in St. Petersburg and Kiev arenas, to massive club nights in Holland and New Zealand, to stateside venues such as the legendary Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado, SPL delivers with passion and musical prowess that goes beyond the current state of dance music.

So… mastered and cut at Precise mastering (UK) by maestro Sam, makes this another 12” disc you just don’t want to miss!!

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