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On september 24th, MWM releases the Nxtgn EP (Nextgeneration) containing 4 tracks by upcoming producer’s: Dubbacle, Høsky, VGB and Le Lion. Expect deeper dubs on this one.  Checkout the promo on our soundcloud-page.

1: Dubbacle – Arrhytmia  {Facebook}

2: Høsky – Rimshot  {Facebook}

3: VGB – Armageddon {Facebook}

4: Le Lion – Anyalius  {Facebook}


Show some looooooove. ❤




For those interested..

We uploaded a 2 hr Dubstep-set, mixed by MWM resident ‘Dubheadz’. Mix contains MWM tracks only. Download if you like it. 2 hrs of I-pod fun!


1: Vidual-Darkpalace
2: mr. Vandal-Let’s do this
3: 12gauge-Bad girls
4: 12gauge-ms.Dynamite What u talking about remix
5: Lifecycle (NL)-cpt. Bassline
6: Stereologue-Eyes on me
7: Affe Maria-Leda
8: Tim Ismag-Extra
9: Kaizoku-Guitar Hero
10: Robokop-Rise Again
11: mr. Whacka-Rest&Relaxation
12: Distrikt-Autodestruct
13: Real Mad-Brenda’s desk
14: Undroid-Noble
15: Krakkemikkig-That kind of bassline
16: Static Function-Perfecta & Save the Rave Pill U remix
17: BOS-Pawel
18: Dubheadz-Flowrider
19: NTA-Belladonna
20: Niburu-Hyperhexagon
21: Rewest Ego-Anaestetic
22: Bowcon-Peacefull Violence
23: P-era -Shadowtrail
24: Scopes-Slick&Slack
25: FJH-34 and stupid
26: Dubclub DJ’s-Meltdown
27: Real Mad-Holland
28: Robokop&Distrikt-Fire
29: Stereologue-Disappear
30: Le Lion-Round 1
31: Hosky-It must begin
32: Krakkemikkig-Space invaders
33: Tim Ismag-Iron man
34: Lifecycle (NL)-Exodus Express
35: Dubheadz-Koncrete

During July & August we’re taking it easy at MWM… celebrating some deserved time-off… To come back in September with more excellent releases! Meanwhile we continue broadcasting our shows on & so stay tuned for that! Bookings is also open during the summer, you can contact us on for labelnights. Thank you so far, enjoy our tunes, grab a freebee on our soundcloud and spread the word!! Have a nice summer!! ❤


New Season, New Weblook!! Checkout the all new pimped website!!

Available for DJ bookings now: Robokop, Distrikt, Stereologue, Kaizoku, Affe Maria, Dubheadz, P-era (UK), Electromass (UK), FJH (UK), Rewest ego, and more at: (please follow instruction on our website)

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