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MAW - most of us - art

EZ all,

On monday september 1st, MWM releases two tracks in the deep dubstep spectrum by label-boss M.A.W. (his initials) looking at the artwork above most sherlock’s will sort out what the ‘M’ and ‘W’ stand for. the ‘A’ stay’s a mysterie……..

Most of us brings us a chill jazzy vibe. An easy yet fierce subbass, a funky groove and some medieval strange indian soundscapes accompanied by the classic Rhodes playing that jazzy chord….

Everything goes even deeper. Some interesting vocal samples stating that ‘Everbody was raised to believe that the word universe means everything’ before the beat drops. Deepness all-over……. Personally I think it’s the 2nd drop that makes you smile.

Nowadays the kids are talking about ‘minimal deepstep’ I myself want to refer to ‘Dubstep’ as it once was… beat + bass around 140 bpm.  Enjoy the tunes, available on all good digital stores starting monday september 1st.

If you want to be included on the MWM mailinglist, let us know here and you’ll receive promo’s of forthcoming MWM material way ahead of releasedate’s.

One love…..


Most of Us on Junodownload

Most of Us on Soundcloud [preview]


MWM-Recordings presents: Dutchstep.
A well balanced collection of dubstep, experimental dub, 2step and experimental sounds, by artists forthcoming on, or already released at MWM-Recordings, makes this a ‘party hardy’ hour of quality music, straight from the Lowlands.


1 Robokop-Rock the beat ‘amazing track to start off with, lots of energy and vibes galore’

2 BOS-Afraid of the dark ‘Sinister sounds from BOS kicks in great’

3 Distrikt-Breathe life ‘Breathe life is a smasher, lots of really good elements, luv it!!!

4 Affe Maria-Ich du und ehr ‘track is dubalicous then get ill beyond belief, really sick tune’

5 Dubheadz-Kongcrete ‘Massive industrial soundwall killertrack!!’

6 Scopes-Forest Ballroom ‘scopes tune is very melodic and beautifull crafted, can really chill out to it’

7 Digital Criminal-Ambient space ‘There’s only one digital criminal…’

8 LNM-Swømb ‘track is dark and atmospheric, almost Techno..’

9 Bowcon-Wandering lost ‘yeah baby, typical Bowcon-style dubz!’

10 Anomic Syndrome-Dubtube ‘dubtube got the dub skank vibez and glitches that i crave so much for’

11 Rewest ego-Astronaut ‘funky 2step-feel weirdness!’

Releasedate: 01-juli-2010 online at all download-stores! Checkout the preview on Soundcloud! (click cover)

Thanx! and respect!

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