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We at MWM wanna wish everybody a great new year’s eve, and a even greater 2014! May the positive forces be with you!!

We collected 14 tracks  from the ever growing MWM-catalog and combined them into a 47′ mixtape for your ear-pleasure. Varying from the more aggressive tracks, to the deeper stuff on the label. artist such as: Gomes, Gritt, Benskir, Altazer, Korostyle, FJH and much more. We want to thank everybody for their support in the last 5 years. Keep your ears open for things to come! Now checkout that mixtape and download it if you like it.

Happy new year!




MWM-Recordings presents: Dutchstep.
A well balanced collection of dubstep, experimental dub, 2step and experimental sounds, by artists forthcoming on, or already released at MWM-Recordings, makes this a ‘party hardy’ hour of quality music, straight from the Lowlands.


1 Robokop-Rock the beat ‘amazing track to start off with, lots of energy and vibes galore’

2 BOS-Afraid of the dark ‘Sinister sounds from BOS kicks in great’

3 Distrikt-Breathe life ‘Breathe life is a smasher, lots of really good elements, luv it!!!

4 Affe Maria-Ich du und ehr ‘track is dubalicous then get ill beyond belief, really sick tune’

5 Dubheadz-Kongcrete ‘Massive industrial soundwall killertrack!!’

6 Scopes-Forest Ballroom ‘scopes tune is very melodic and beautifull crafted, can really chill out to it’

7 Digital Criminal-Ambient space ‘There’s only one digital criminal…’

8 LNM-Swømb ‘track is dark and atmospheric, almost Techno..’

9 Bowcon-Wandering lost ‘yeah baby, typical Bowcon-style dubz!’

10 Anomic Syndrome-Dubtube ‘dubtube got the dub skank vibez and glitches that i crave so much for’

11 Rewest ego-Astronaut ‘funky 2step-feel weirdness!’

Releasedate: 01-juli-2010 online at all download-stores! Checkout the preview on Soundcloud! (click cover)

Thanx! and respect!

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