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Hello All….


After a calm period called ‘summer’ we’re back with a exciting new release season! Starting off with UK based producer ‘Bowcon’

MWM Veteran ‘Bowcon’ delivers his 3th release: Rudeboy shuffle. 2steppish, atmospheric, chill, groovy…. If your into Burial, Breakage and stuff like that, check out this one. 6 originals, 1 collab with dutch producer ‘Rewest Ego’ and 1 remix by the same producer. Releasedate: September 10th on all major downloadstore’s!

Track 01 preview




This week’s feature is ‘Anaesthetic’ by dutch producer : Rewest Ego. Crystal clear production skills, Chillout 2-step bizz, one of MWM’s top-sellers. Coming up with his new album: ‘The 7 Soulsessions’ Stay Tuned!!!!

Meanwhile checkout his EP ‘Anaesthetic’ on your favourite downloadstore, and show some looooooove.

In 2010 MWM released the EP ‘Strangers’ by dutch producer BOS. Experimental dubs, Button-freak, Dark & Edgy, We like to call him ‘Dutch Noise Maestro’… We asked 4 MWM producers to come up with a remix of ‘Stranger’ by BOS, and they did! Today MWM releases the 5 track Stranger Remix EP, featuring remixes by: Dubheadz, Anomic Syndrome, Rewest Ego, and Roshi Ai! Check it out!

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