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Italian producer Breez (Fabrizio Delli Falconi) has been on MWM’s radar for a long time.

In 2010 he started to work as a promoter for Bratski Krug, an Italian night event dedicated to the Dubstep scene. Here his interest in producing his own music was born.

After several outings on multiple labels, we think now the time is right to add him to our roster. Please enjoy his MWM debut release. 4 tracks into the dark, sinister, and deep vibes.


Dutch producer Krakkemikkig delivers his first MWM release, and boy…It’s insane…… Bassline’s just the way we like them! 2 Krakkemikkig originals ‘That kind of bassline’ and ‘Space invaders’ that will shake the dancefloor and make your teeth rumble in your mouth!! Remixes by MWM’s Stereologue and Kaizoku, make this EP a ‘must have’ for your Bass-collection!

Out now on your favorite downloadstore.

Krakkemikkig facebook:


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