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MWM Online Mastering Service:


If you’re looking for serious but affordable mastering of your tracks maybe we can help you out. Stereo mastering or stem mastering, we go all the way up to a new mixdown of all your individual tracks if necessary! It’s all about creating the best possible sound. Our mastering engineer is Marcel, working in the field for many years. He gained a lot of sound-experience in general, working for TV, Motion picture, Advertisement, e.o. as a sound engineer/dubbing mixer and composer/producer. He’s also active in the electronic music scene for many years as a producer and label owner.


  • Protools HD3 Accel workstation / Logic
  • all required plugins
  • Focal and Mackie monitoring
  • Mindprint Tube stereo EQ/Compressor
  • Aphex aural exciter / optical big bottom
  • Acoustic designed control room


Stereo Mastering:


Send us your premaster (wetransfer, mediafire, dropbox, e.o.) You can also send a ‘home-master’ as a reference. When sending multiple files please compress to a zipfile. We prefer a WAV or AIFF premaster at 44,1 – 192 Khz, 16 or 24 bit if possible.

We check your premaster and if anything’s wrong we contact you with useful feedback. Don’t use limiters and/or compression on the main output or masterbus. Please keep a minimal headroom of 6 dB. (peak level -6dB) You can send a homemaster as a reference but always include a ‘clean’ premaster.

We master your track both for WAV and mp3 (separately) We use RoundtripAAC encoding to make sure there won’t be any unwanted distortions (clipped samples) when converting etc.

You receive a preview within 2 days. If you approve the master you’ll receive a download link when we receive your payment. Package contains all masters in WAV + all masters in 320 mp3. Any other formats on request.


Stem Mastering:


Same as the above. The only difference now is that you send us your stems (drums, bass, vocals, synths, fx, etc) as full stereo premasters. Now we have more control over your track making sure you’ll get the best results out of your music. So it’s like ‘in between mixing and mastering’. This mastering method requires more time so the return-time is 5 days.




Stereo mastering:

WAV  master + mp3 master return within 2 days: EUR 20,00 / track.

4 tracks or more: EUR 18,00 / track.

8 tracks or more: EUR 16,00 / track.

Stem mastering:

WAV master + mp3 master return within 5 days: EUR 50,00 / track.


For more information please send us a message here.

or send a email to marcelwarnasaudio -at- gmail -dot- com












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