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Monthly Archives: December 2013

We at MWM wanna wish everybody a great new year’s eve, and a even greater 2014! May the positive forces be with you!!

We collected 14 tracks¬† from the ever growing MWM-catalog and combined them into a 47′ mixtape for your ear-pleasure. Varying from the more aggressive tracks, to the deeper stuff on the label. artist such as: Gomes, Gritt, Benskir, Altazer, Korostyle, FJH and much more. We want to thank everybody for their support in the last 5 years. Keep your ears open for things to come! Now checkout that mixtape and download it if you like it.

Happy new year!



Out now! Dubclub DJ’s 3rd MWM release” Glitchy Underwear EP.

Dutch duo Dubclub DJ’s are breaking boundaries between punk & Dubstep. Guitar solo’s,¬† punkish Vocals and steppish beatwork makes Glitchy Underwear. Together with a Rewest Ego remix, a Dubstrumental non-vocal version, and the track Robot Girl, this 4 tracker is one of a kind…

Available on your favorite downloadstore.


Dubclub DJ's - Glitchy Artwork



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