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Monthly Archives: July 2012

For those interested..

We uploaded a 2 hr Dubstep-set, mixed by MWM resident ‘Dubheadz’. Mix contains MWM tracks only. Download if you like it. 2 hrs of I-pod fun!


1: Vidual-Darkpalace
2: mr. Vandal-Let’s do this
3: 12gauge-Bad girls
4: 12gauge-ms.Dynamite What u talking about remix
5: Lifecycle (NL)-cpt. Bassline
6: Stereologue-Eyes on me
7: Affe Maria-Leda
8: Tim Ismag-Extra
9: Kaizoku-Guitar Hero
10: Robokop-Rise Again
11: mr. Whacka-Rest&Relaxation
12: Distrikt-Autodestruct
13: Real Mad-Brenda’s desk
14: Undroid-Noble
15: Krakkemikkig-That kind of bassline
16: Static Function-Perfecta & Save the Rave Pill U remix
17: BOS-Pawel
18: Dubheadz-Flowrider
19: NTA-Belladonna
20: Niburu-Hyperhexagon
21: Rewest Ego-Anaestetic
22: Bowcon-Peacefull Violence
23: P-era -Shadowtrail
24: Scopes-Slick&Slack
25: FJH-34 and stupid
26: Dubclub DJ’s-Meltdown
27: Real Mad-Holland
28: Robokop&Distrikt-Fire
29: Stereologue-Disappear
30: Le Lion-Round 1
31: Hosky-It must begin
32: Krakkemikkig-Space invaders
33: Tim Ismag-Iron man
34: Lifecycle (NL)-Exodus Express
35: Dubheadz-Koncrete

During July & August we’re taking it easy at MWM… celebrating some deserved time-off… To come back in September with more excellent releases! Meanwhile we continue broadcasting our shows on & so stay tuned for that! Bookings is also open during the summer, you can contact us on for labelnights. Thank you so far, enjoy our tunes, grab a freebee on our soundcloud and spread the word!! Have a nice summer!! ❤


MWM presents the long awaited new album by Tsewer Beta. One of Holland’s downtempo Hero’s. After the release of his succesfull 1st Album ‘You’ll never guess’ Tsewer Beta’s track ‘Marl 1’ was used by an american radiostation as stationcall. Since then, thousands of listeners are waiting for new work. 14 new tracks including a Ambient-remix of Marl 1. Check it, Love it, Share it!! Available on your favorite downloadstore

For bookings please contact Marcel at


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