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Monthly Archives: October 2011

MWM’s known to serve a wide audience with diversity in dubstep. From the most filthy releases, to the more chillout productions, as long as it fits the ‘bass’ scene, we deliver it! On oct 31, we’re celebrating our 40th release!

MWM-recordings presents : Slick ‘n Slack EP by Dutch producer: Scopes. It’s been a year since the album release ‘Abstract Thoughts’ and now he’s back with 3 original Scopes Dubs!! To give this release the deserved attention, we decided to give away the track ‘Plastic Empire’ for free! Not on the EP! So grab it while available!!

Released on oct 3th, Bos – Stranger Remix EP – Download the Dubheadz remix for free on:

In 2010 MWM released the EP ‘Strangers’ by dutch producer BOS. Experimental dubs, Button-freak, Dark & Edgy, We like to call him ‘Dutch Noise Maestro’… We asked 4 MWM producers to come up with a remix of ‘Stranger’ by BOS, and they did! Today MWM releases the 5 track Stranger Remix EP, featuring remixes by: Dubheadz, Anomic Syndrome, Rewest Ego, and Roshi Ai! Check it out!

Taken from the EP ‘Below’ (2009/MWM-recordings) This Deep, wonky, spherical dubsteptune by dutch producer ‘Dubheadz’ is available as free download now! Grab it while it’s there!! Full WAV quality!!

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