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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Dubclub loves bass fuelled music. DJ’s Svendex & Mike E been teaming up ever since 1995 in various projects. In their latest collaboration it’s Dubstep, Breaks, Glitch and all that subs the woofer. On monday sept 26th, MWM releases their debut single ‘Meltdown’ available in your favourite downloadstore. Check it out!!

And yes, we even made it easier, Just fill in the Bookings-form, and we’ll get back within 2 days (5 at most).
Individual bookings, and Label-night bookings possible: We provide all DJ’s for the night for a affordable price.
Checkout the possibilities at our site, any questions? mail us at

Dearly beloved

This fall will be overloaded with the most finest dubstep-releases. So stay tuned:

Dublub DJ’s – Meltdown

Bos – Stranger remix EP

Stereologue – TBA

Scopes – TBA

Tim Ismag – TBA

Electromass – TBA

Krakkemikkig – TBA

Rewest ego – TBA

Tsewer Beta – TBA

Robokop with Special remix guest!! – TBA

Distrikt – TBA

and more…..

So, bookmark this page, like our facebookpage, or do whatever you have to do, to stay informed! Thanx for your support!! Love, peace, bass! out….

Yeah, Available september 19th on your favorite downloadstore!! Robokop & Distrikt’s Fire, with remixes by Sinister Souls and Tim Ismag. Previously released on 12″ Vinyl (3 track EP 12″/45 rpm) sept 5th). Make shure to check the online release, because it contains a extra track by Robokop & Distrikt, Burning it down. Amazing collab aswell!!!

New Season, New Weblook!! Checkout the all new pimped website!!

Available for DJ bookings now: Robokop, Distrikt, Stereologue, Kaizoku, Affe Maria, Dubheadz, P-era (UK), Electromass (UK), FJH (UK), Rewest ego, and more at: (please follow instruction on our website)

Thanx to Richard at Squittybubbler for supporting us all the way!!

“Basically, no free track here! Yes, i know it is unheard of, but we really want to push this release for our good friend Marcel over at MWM-recordings and his 1st 12″ Vinyl release. His countless work in the field of Dubstep has led us to believe that his label will be pushing some of the darkest filth known to man. Check our post back in February on Robokop and Distrikt. Without further adue, we would like you to pop over to Triple Vision Record Store, now!!!

Get yourself a copy of Robokop & Distrikt – Fire EP which has been released today Monday 5th SEPTEMBER 2011. You can play it to that bully at school that pushes you over, maybe he will take a liking to you once he knows you have the beast of the mist within your boom box, maybe he’ll punch you in the head. We don’t really know, we just want you to enjoy some filthy filth. Let us know what you think if you do decide to get yourself a copy.

Welcome Ladies & gentleman!!! Next Monday september 5th the 1st MWM-12″ WAX by Robokop & Distrikt will be available! 12″ 45 RPM Mayhem called ‘Fire’ With stunning remixes by Sinister Souls and Tim Ismag. Mastered by Sam at Precise mastering (UK) and distributed by Triple Vision (NL) Available at: Triple Vision, Junorecords and Chemical.

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