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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Hey everybody,

We wanna share this mix by Element Selekta with you. This mix contains two tracks by BOS. Prodizun and Lion Dead, both taken from the ‘Strangers’ EP (cat# MWM018). Check ‘m out!

Hello Y’all.
We’ve got some interesting releases coming up this fall.

* Anomic Syndrome brings us their second MWM release, checkout the link below for their latest track.

* Rewest Ego, dutch producer of 2step/dubstep. Checkout his beautifull ‘Anaesthetic’.

* Anthony M. Dutch dubstep producer brings us different party tunez for your pleasure.

There’s a lot more coming; Robokop, Scopes, Affe Maria, Digital Criminal, Tsewer Beta etc. etc. Stay tuned.

* Then we have some free downloads available by dutch ‘Dubheadz’. Their latest release ‘Elp’ has a lot of attention by DJ’s, bloggers and radiostations worldwide, never heard of them? Grab some party tunez for free!!


Checkout track 15 on the new ‘New Dutchies’ (Hollandse nieuwe) compilation # 10.
Big up to the VPRO A&R’s for their support!

Our latest CD compilation release ‘Dutchstep’ will ship again next monday, august 30th. Only 45 left, so if you considering to buy the CD, don’t wait too long… Thanx!

The 11 track compilation album Dutchstep is available on CD. Get your first MWM CD-release by clicking the picture below. You’ll be re-directed to the page were you can buy the CD (Paypal). We’ve set the price on 12,50 euro’s excl. shipping costs. Thank you for your support!!

Hello Y’all,

On 14-08-2010 MWM-Recordings releases ‘Elp’. 3 track dubstep EP by Dubheadz. Inspired by the ancient woods and mystical places around Elp, This EP is a mixture of deep, chill, filthy basslines, floating in a typical Dubheadz soup….. enjoy!

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